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This post is intended to give some ideas to help small businesses in the turf industry market themselves. It can be used as well for the general turf manager in helping to communicate with stakeholders of their facility. A stakeholder is anyone who has an interest in your business, this can be a member, a social player, a person who eats at the restaurant and the community at large.


There are many ways you can market your business these days. Through traditional means such as TV radio, print, sponsorship, mail out, email to more modern ways of using various social media platforms. It can be very confusing knowing of which one to use. There is no right or wrong answer. The best in my opinion is utilise different options available to you. But what you choose depends on who your target market. You need to define who your target market is and then choose which options will get your message to them. For example you are on a golf course in a area known as a holiday spot and decide as my target is retired couples looking to holiday in the area and like to be active. Your marketing towards them can show that gold is a great way to stay active. This can be showcased by advertising in various publications but also look at online avenues as many retired couples use this as research. Having content marketing discussing this will help them find you via search engines.However don’t discount traditional forms of marketing, it still works if it didn’t no one would be doing it just look at the Super Bowl ads.


Rather than get into what to use and why, I wanted to point out a trend that is happening now called content marketing. It is not new by all means but is becoming more popular than before due to your client being able to choose what they see and when. People can skip ads on radio TV print etc (with exception of online magazines and apps more on that later) etc. The aim of content marketing is to engage your client by giving them information relevant to them which they would find useful.


Content Marketing as defined by Small Business Big Marketing (search for their podcast online as well) is a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, engage and acquire customers. You are not selling with content marketing you are engaging with your customer. The great thing about content marketing is that it puts you on a level playing field with your competitors as anyone can do it and costs are minimal (your time mainly). All you need are the ideas. It’s information that you know, and putting this down on paper (or a blog). This can sound difficult and you wonder where you start, however it’s simple because you are communicating what you already know to your clients- remember you are the expert in your field. For example have a look at the blog award winners from the recent 2014 social media awards hosted by GCI Magazine (at the GIS Tweetup function sponsored by Aquatrols) this is a form of content marketing. See all the winners here


The turf manager is communicating with their stakeholders about what they do and how they do it. But its also promoting their facility and what they are doing. I know reading a few of these blogs I would firstly go to those golf courses to play golf rather than one I had not heard of all due to the fact that I have a connection with them already through their blog (even though I’m on the other side of the world).


You may say to yourself, no one wants to hear any of this. My clients know what I do. Incorrect. Clients want to be more informed these days than ever before. When you go and look to buy a new TV for instance most likely you are researching everything you can from features it has to pricing before you go to the shop. Content marketing is similar in that you give you client more information. Yes they may know for example that you fix/service their mower how you do it but why you do certain procedures at certain hours are not known e.g something as simple as change spark plugs. Communicating can show you are an expert in this field, able to justify work done and charge accordingly.


To go back to an earlier reference, online magazines (or apps) offer a different way to market your business.  For instance GCI Magazine offers advertisers a form of content marketing with its animation and links within the app to video. This I believe is very clever, its making readers look at the ad rather than just glance over them. It engages the reader for a longer period of time and offers their customers more value. As well links within the ad can be clicked on and measured which is a bonus for advertisers.


Content marketing will be growing this coming year you will be seeing alot more of it from businesses you deal with. I hope this has helped people to understand a little on content marketing and give you ideas on how you can use it. It can be a powerful tool for your job and for your personal brand.




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