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There was a time in which a resume` was done on a typewriter (anyone remember those?) and it took a lot of effort to prepare one and also to update or make changes on it. Well those days are long gone and today we have word processing and can even use templates or hire professionals to assist with resume` writing.

Yet, I often hear that people that have lost their jobs haven’t got a resume` or that they last updated it 15 years ago. When jobs open up the search firms or committees will get inundated with dozens and dozens of resume`s and there is little time to wait until someone can develop their resume` or re-write it.

Repeat after me…… “I have a current resume` and I update it annually. I also customize my resume` for each job opportunity as it is important that I emphasize things that will make me the right fit for the job!”

Now that I have done that I am Resume` Ready and can send out a customized cover letter along with my customized resume`. That’s what it takes to get the job you want. Are you ready?

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