Early Bird Gets the Worm

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There are a variety of locations to see job postings for assistant superintendents, interns and golf course superintendents. If you are looking for career advancement then peruse those sites weekly. When a job is posted a clock starts ticking on when and how applicants will be received and reviewed.

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After working with clients for decades I can tell you that the process does not vary much different whether or not it is a search firm or a search committee at a club or even a GM or Director of Golf. Hopefully the expectations for the position have been clearly stated and the skills required to be hired.

Job Posting is LIVE

Once that posting is available to the public the applicants start sending their information in. In a typical superintendent search today…….as many as 200 people might apply for a good job. Taking that into consideration understand how the process works.

Most searches categorize the applicants into several groups.

  • Not qualified
  • Potentially qualified
  • Definitely qualified

Knowing that only a half dozen or less will be interviewed it is important to know that the definitely qualified may be a group of a dozen or less. In the first week or two the search focuses on that group. If you wait until the application deadline you will have to beat out a strong group of candidates to get your foot in the door for an interview. In my opinion it is best to get your resume` in early as your odds are much better if you are qualified than if you wait until the end.

The Early Bird does get the worm and in a job search the applicants that respond quickly have better odds of being in the select group of people that will be interviewed!

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