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On The Green is presented in partnership with Turf Republic and Slater Farms.

From the Dryject website: “The DryJect Company was founded 1998 by Chris des Garennes, a textile engineer (Textile, Philadelphia), who spent all his life in the turf industry, and Peter van Drumpt, a Swedish mining engineer (RIT Stockholm), who loves to play golf. Together they represent more than 75 years of experience in the green industry.

Their vision was to develop a company that specialized in unique niche products in the green industry. Since the beginning products like Axis, Play Ball, Pennmulch, Break Thru, PCDrainage and now DryJect have been commercialized by them. There are also several new projects in the pipe line, and the most important projects are the SI System that is being developed in collaboration with a large chemical company, and the Pro L system for liquid injection of water savings products and other stimulants for turf.

DryJect holds several patents on the DryJect machine and has several joint patent applications together with a large chemical company.

The DryJect Company is organized in two divisions:

DryJect Inc manages the manufacturing, the service of machines and research and development. The manufacturing facility of more than 5000 sq.ft is located together with the head office in Hatboro, PA.
DryJect,LLC manages the franchise and license network. The DryJect network consists of more than 30 groups spread around the world and they are able to serve most of the world wide green industry with particular focus in areas where golf is played.”

This Episode of On The Green is presented by Slater Farms, New England’s premier turf provider.

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Veteran-owned, Slater Farms is committed to continual reinvestment in new technology and education to deliver the elements you need, exactly the way you need them. Our business is designed to evolve to meet changing customer requirements as cost-effectively as possible. With state-of-the-art bagging and palletizing capabilities that allow us to fully scale to any volume and process emergency orders faster than anyone else on the market, we are constantly further streamlining our production processes to bring you what you need even quicker.

Strategically located in New England with a global distribution network and complete processing capabilities, Slater Farms services engineers, architects, builders, and more, everywhere in the world. Our full-service packaging and total logistical planning center provides everything from private labeling to international scheduling to ensure that from New England to you, our products deliver for the every day.

Turf Republic is a turfcentric community built on four key principals to enhance the future of the turfgrass industry. The Turf Republic site network consisting of Turf and provides the most modern and diverse resource in the turf industry in a single location. Turf Republic is created by Turf Professionals for Turf Professionals to network, collaborate, innovate, and help each other solve issues with real world solutions.

The New England Regional Turfgrass Conference and Show has grown to be the second largest Regional Turfgrass Conference and Trade Show in the country. More than 2300 Turfgrass Professionals attended the three days of activities at the Rhode Island Convention Center in March of 2000. Proceeds are to be applied to Turfgrass Education and Research Studies in the New England Region.

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