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A long time ago I learned how important it was to stay up with the technology out there to communicate effectively. Yet I see a lot of people, of all ages, that are not “hip” with the latest technology.

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Have you heard of Skype and are you using it? Do you have a Skype address? Can we do a Skype interview at 4 PM tomorrow? If your answers to those questions are not yes, yes and yes then you are lessening your chances of getting that interview.

Why is Skype Important?

Well the main function of Skype is to all people to have a phone conversation with a visual at the same time. Some searches still do phone interviews and that format is OK. When the search gets serious and people live out of the immediate area then the time and cost to fly people in or drive long distances becomes onerous.   With some pretty basic technology that costs nothing Skype can work for both parties. It allows the interviewer to see you and yes there are a lot of things that come out that would not in a phone interview.

How to Skype

Skype can be done on smart phones, iPads and any computer with a webcam feature. Multiple Skype calls can be done and if needed an alternative is Google Hangout that would allow as many as 6-7 people participate in a video interview.

Test your Skype skills with us.  Our username is – turfrepublic

Skype Tips

A couple of tips are to test out the Skype application in advance of any such interview. Make sure there is no background noise that would detract from your comments. Be sure that the background of your picture is positive. Think of interviews on TV when they have law books or a nice painting in the background or a cityscape. Most of us do not have those but a picture of Rock Stars may not be the appropriate message to send to the interviewer.

Not on Skype then get on Skype. Interviewers like to look into the eyes of the people they might potentially hire. If your Skype interview goes well then likely you will be asked to visit the club for a formal sit down interview. This is just another step that might just give you a competitive advantage in the job market.

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