Turfchat Episode 38: Summer 2014 Disease Activity

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Come join us for #TurfChat episode 38 on July 31st at 1pm EST as we discuss what diseases are active this summer.  Dr. Joe Vargas will open the Turfchat with what he is seeing so far this year and some recommendations.  You can watch episode 38 right here and interact with us on Twitter with the hashtag #turfchat #TurfChat Event page on Google+ HERE

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Turfchat Episode 38 – Disease Updates

Now Presented in Partnership with Michigan GCSA. Join TurfDiseases.org and MiGCSA for TurfChat Episode 38 with moderator Adam Ikamas, CGCS. Join us along with Dr. Joe Vargas as he discusses what diseases he is seeing active in the summer of 2014. Turf Republic is a turfcentric community built on four key principals to enhance the future of the turfgrass industry. The Turf Republic site network consisting of Turf Republic, TurfDiseases.org, iTurfApps.com and Wivesofturf.org provides the most modern and diverse resource in the turf industry in a single location. Turf Republic is created by Turf Professionals for Turf Professionals to network, collaborate, innovate, and help each other solve issues with real world solutions.

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