Scouting Report: August 17th

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The weather in parts of the country this summer is showing us some deep, healthy roots on greens. We also have a Wive of Turf identifying army worms in this week’s Scouting Report presented by Aquatrols this past week. Once again a week filled with activity.  Below is the August 17th week of the Scouting Report and our random winner selected by is Patrick Reinhardt, Superintendent at Georgia Southern University Golf Course

Looking to submit your photo to the Scouting Report, it is super simple. Here are the ways to submit below. Be sure to get them in by Sunday evening.

– Post your photo on Instagram using the hashtag #scoutingreport
– Post your photo on Twitter using the hashtag #scoutingreport
– Post your photo on our Facebook Page
– Email us your photos to

Scouting Report Winning Submission

August 17th Scouting Report Album


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