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Turf Republic is first and foremost a community for those interested in the news, research, technology, education and careers of the turf grass industry. Turf Republic is the most comprehensive, far-reaching turf industry community in the world; finally a place we can call home! Our top end turf grass professionals and affiliate bloggers offer up the best, most up to date information on all the information you want… and it’s FREE!

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What’s Growin’ On this week in Turf Republic. -Toro PrecisionSense visits Penn State – http://bit.ly/1tHZ9p8 – The Scouting Report presented by Aquatrols – http://bit.ly/1rb3pvg – Career Dev: Do You Skype...


The East Lake Golf Club Agronomy team was hard at work completing summer maintenance. Fortunate for us, they included a GoPro Camera in their operation. See what the Team has been up to. Follow East Lake […]


The Toro PrecisionSense 6000 patented system collects data such as soil moisture volumetric water content (VWC), salinity, compaction, turf vigor Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), and topography. Data is stored in an onboard co...


Irrigation breaks and aeration the theme of the Scouting Report presented by Aquatrols this past week.  Lots of activity in the turf world again this week and it is great to see you sharing your photos with us.  […]

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Do You Skype?
July 10, 2014 // // 1 Comment

A long time ago I learned how important it was to stay up with the technology out there to communicate effectively. Yet I see a lot of people, of all ages, that are not “hip” with […]

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In 3 Words
July 9, 2014 // // 1 Comment

There are many adjectives and emotions that go into hosting and volunteering for a PGA Tour event. It is hard to describe the physical and emotional demands of the week. However, there is still an incredible […]


The 2014 growing season is in full swing, which means you have less time to fiddle with your practices. It’s much like the golf swing. You’re not going to fix it while you’re playing. That is […]


Another great week of the Scouting Report presented by Aquatrols.  Lots happening around the world with first frost in Australia, football fields being stripped for the beginning of the season, to all the great happenings on golf [&hellip...


We had a great first week for the Scouting Report presented by Aquatrols. Lots happening in the turf industry and many of you shared your photos with us. Below is the June 30th week of the […]


The Scouting Report Presented by Aquatrols It’s back…and even better.  The Turf Republic #ScoutingReport has returned and now presented in partnership with Aquatrols. Those in the  turf industry have one of the most unique jo...