Bruce Williams, CGCS

Bruce Williams, CGCS

Principal at Bruce Williams Golf Consulting after a long and prosperous career in golf course managment

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Early Bird Gets the Worm
June 25, 2014 //

There are a variety of locations to see job postings for assistant superintendents, interns and golf course superintendents. If you are looking for career advancement then peruse those sites weekly. When a job is posted a […]

Be Resume Ready!
May 21, 2014 //

There was a time in which a resume` was done on a typewriter (anyone remember those?) and it took a lot of effort to prepare one and also to update or make changes on it. Well […]


Each and every week I get phone calls from superintendents that are unsure of the next step in their careers. Some of the early questions I have for them are logistical in nature. Where are you […]


If you are wishing and hoping that you will get an interview and potentially that next job then the likelihood is that dream will never happen.  It takes much more than wishing and hoping.  It takes […]