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Update or wait?
July 24, 2015 //

My two year agreement is up and I want to upgrade to the iPhone 6. Should I upgrade to the 6 now or wait until the new phone arrives? Answer Apple has been religious regarding their […]

July 22, 2015 //

[youtube] Ground2Control provides one of the most comprehensive grounds management platforms in the industry. For turf managers, Ground2Control will provide you an objective negotiable power when i...

Backed By Bayer
June 30, 2015 //

This is a great solution from Bayer. This app will allow users to diagnose problems and find a solution without having to leave the application. The comprehensive solution allows users to favorite products, pests, and even […]

May 26, 2015 //

The NEW Turf Republic TurfSnap app provides the turfgrass industry and enthusiast the opportunity to capture and share your favorite turfgrass moments. See the world of turfgrass through the eyes of professionals and enthusiasts as they [&h...

DJI Releases Phantom 3
April 9, 2015 //

Another major announcement out of DJI yesterday with the release of the Phantom 3. The release came with some decent upgrades and if you haven’t purchased a drone for your property yet, this version may be […]

Last week Twitter rolled out two new services for their native Twitter app for both iOS and Android. Twitter has been historically slow to roll new features out, so was it the overwhelming cries from the public […]


Whether you use it for emailing colleagues, sending photos to friends and family or just a means of keeping up-to-date on shopping deals, email has long remained relatively the same. When Gmail was originally released, well […]

taskTracker Job Board
December 22, 2014 //

The taskTracker Digital Job Board is a fantastic solution for your digital job board needs. Designed by fellow golf industry colleagues, taskTracker is one of the most simple yet powerful tools for employee and job management. taskTracker ...

Tech 911: Best Drone
December 22, 2014 //

We are doing a renovation next summer and have been approved for purchase of a camera for time lapse video and a drone to do flyovers.  Any suggestions on cameras and drones for $2000 or less? […]


Google Drive has become a staple for many turf managers. The ability to have access on the go and to share with permissions is a big reason why. The release of iOS 8 brought about Extensibility, […]