On the Ground

There are no guarantees for success when applying fungicides for control of root diseases. Since pathogens are hidden beneath the turf surface, and no fungicide will move down through the plant to the roots, we must […]

September 27, 2016 //

I would classify this narrative as an addition to the archive of observations regarding root disease, particularly summer patch, on Kentucky bluegrass. The rapid decline of turf in individual patches (Fig. 1) began in mid-August. However, [...

Regular rain events in the lower Midwest favor the establishment and spread of a variety of turf diseases, including gray leaf spot (GLS). I have more gray leaf spot here in Indiana (from the Ohio River […]

Most of the algae that occur on putting greens naturally inhabit turf soils—all soils for that matter. The organisms are always present, but rarely make their presence known because they are unable to compete for space […]

This week I visited a couple of golf courses that are dealing with serious disease issues. After looking at the samples and touring the courses, I have determined that this is likely similar to what I […]

Slime molds are very primitive organisms that can appear literally over night during periods of wet humid weather.  The familiar “dog vomit” substance that occurs in landscaping mulch (Fig. 1) is actually a slime mold.  Slime [&hellip...

A couple of weeks ago, Scott Blough from Nassau Country Club asked me about the impact of applying DMIs on turf that was showing symptoms of etiolation. While I had heard varying thoughts on this from […]

The Acidovorax/etiolation issues visited the Midwest during the past 2 weeks.  There were multiple confirmed reports of etiolation on creeping bentgrass putting greens, but no confirmed reports of the decline phase.  The latest peer-revie...

Since I first discovered root knot nematode (RKN) affecting creeping bentgrass in southern Indiana 15 years ago, I have observed the problem with greater and greater frequency on golf courses north of the Ohio River.  This […]

During the summer of 2015, I initiated a discussion about summer patch on Kentucky bluegrass sodthat was severely affected by summer patch.  The thesis of the initial article was that fungicides applied after the outbreak of […]