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Turfmetrics, a web-based application for all your fungicide decisions. During any given season, golf course turf is threatened by dozens of fungal pathogens capable of infecting above- and below-ground plant parts.  Although we first consi...

Yellow Spot is Spotted
September 2, 2015 //

Yellow spot recently was observed in the mid-Atlantic.  Yellow spot is an undescribed malady, which mainly is seen in creeping bentgrass grown in sand-based root-zones on greens and tees. Symptoms appear in the summer and yellow […]

I initiated a fertilizer trial in Amarillo, TX at the end of March this year in an area of Kentucky bluegrass managed as rough on a golf course.  We are conducting the research with Anuvia Plant […]

Over the past month or so I have observed more than a few cases of Leptosphaerulina blight (pronounced “Lep-toe-sphere-u-line-a”).  Based on my experience, damage appears mostly on stressed or declining turf, and often manifests itself...

In most places in the Midwest, the drenching rains have ceased (temporarily), allowing much of the turf to experience its first dry period during the 2015 season. The drought stress usually reveals all sorts of symptoms […]

Having had mild summer weather in 2013 and 2014, diseases like summer patch have not been a big problem in the last two years. Summer patch is mostly a disease of Kentucky and annual bluegrass and […]

I have been on a slight Turf Disease Blog hiatus, and I apologize for the lack of posts recently from my region of the US. In Texas, we have been celebrating the fact that basically the […]

Does Figure 1 look familiar? At this club, bunkers will need to be pumped and sand redistributed for the fourth time this year! The weekly downpours of 1-2 inches are playing havoc with all fairway maintenance […]

Another strange weather year is upon us. Dry and windy weather greeted early June, followed by one deluge after another in mid-to-late June and early July. It could be the “perfect storm” for diseases throughout the […]

The lower Midwest experienced extended periods and above normal amounts of precipitation, in addition to unseasonable mild temperatures in June. The result was a dramatic entrance by the usual suspects in terms of turf disease outbreaks. [&...