On the Ground

During the first few weeks of May (2015) I fielded more than a few questions about red leaf spot on creeping bentgrass.  Recall that bentgrass growth was off to a fast start in early April, but […]

It appears that the manufacturer detected trace quantities of an herbicide sulfometuron methyl in the fungicide formulation.  There are numerous researchers, including myself, on the east coast working with the product and conducting trial...

Take-all Returns
June 12, 2015 //

This past week I received the first report of take-all patch from a putting green in the Milwaukee area. June is right about when we normally see take-all patch in our neck of the woods, and […]

Product Voluntarily Recalled Social media and my email blew up yesterday following the voluntary recall of ArmorTech ALT 70 Fungicide. According to the letter, “United Turf Alliance (UTA) has been notified of a few turfgrass incidents [&h...

Weird Science
June 5, 2015 //

This spring and early summer has been quite weird in the Southeastern US. April and May started off with a real bang considering there was widespread, severe winter injury on bermudagrass fairways, tees and some greens […]

After a prolonged cool and wet spring, late May was characterized by warm and humid weather with temperatures nearly 10 oF higher than average. The most prominent diseases thus far in tall fescue lawns has been […]

The recent flush of dollar spot symptoms on greens, tees, and fairways (especially fairways) should not surprise anyone. It was preceded by an extended period of mild wet weather. (Even the corn planting is way behind […]

Lubbock, TX has seemed to turn into Scottland or the Pacific Northwest randomly over the last few weeks. We received about 4.5 inches of rain the first week of May, a little over 2 inches last […]

As we learn more about factors that contribute to turf decline on cool season grasses, plant parasitic nematodes are becoming part of the discussion. This blog is a little longer than normal, but I think it […]

It seems odd that both dollar spot and localized dry spot would appear so early in the season. After all, we have come through another cold winter and spring. With just of few days of moderating […]