Social Media

Information on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google + to assist in your professional development or better market your business is what you will find here. Whether your are a new to social media looking for information or a seasoned veteran looking to pass on some professional advice we want you to share your thoughts.


So many in the turf world have turned to producing their own videos.  Landscapers have used it as a tool to brand and sell.  Superintendents have turned to video to create teachable moments for both their […]


Social media and the various platforms allow you to expand your professional network exponentially.  Many of us have a niche platform for work, friends and family, etc.  Regardless of what platform you use or what you […]


We wanted to keep it light this week.  We hope you all had a great week and patiently waiting for the cooler temps.  In honor of our falling temps this weekend, our first tweet of the […]


Vine has become a HUGE tool for the turf industry, giving managers the power to brand their message via video.  During the US Open this year, Turf Republic contributor @PSUTurf provided some great videos of behind-the-scenese […]


Superintendents have some of the best offices in the world.  Many have over 200 acres worth of an office filled with the wonders of mother nature.  These unique office settings often provide opportunities to see things […]


We have a National day of recognition for just about everything and now……social media.  If you don’t think you need to jump on board by now, you better get jumping on this bandwagon.  June 30th, officially […]


As I travel the country speaking on utilization of technology and social media, there is on point I continue to hammer home.  We MUST begin to embrace these tools.  Chances are your clientele, members, owners, superiors […]


Late last week Facebook held another event with details of the event held secret.  Many of us held our breath hoping we wouldn’t see another Facebook Home type release.  Where did Facebook Home go….gone already?  Well,they [&...


We really enjoyed putting together our US Open Social Media Experience over the last few weeks.  The goal of our experience was to provide an interactive look into the world of the maintenance and preparation that […]


History is sometimes difficult to track.  Stories change as years go by.  The Penn State Turfgrass story is an old one, but started with deep roots and with deep roots stories and traditions will remain.  The […]