Welcome to Turf Republic the worlds largest most diverse turfgrass community in the world. Over the last four years technology has made the biggest contribution to turfgrass industry. The impact of technology has not just been through the introduction of smartphones, tablets and mobile apps, it has played a large part in our fertility and plant protectant programs, equipment, irrigation systems and our overrall turf management.

What’s On Your Tech?
November 5, 2014 //

Here at iTurfApps, we’d like to know what sort technology you use on a daily basis. So, I wanted to explore this little thing called “What’s on your tech?”. With the goal of not only sharing what […]


One of the best new features of iOS 8 is the ability to see how apps are utilizing your battery. Users have the ability to see what apps are being battery hogs and quickly change the […]


I haven’t always preferred Android, in fact it’s only a recently new found love. So, let me establish that this isn’t an Apple bashing post, rather a realisation that I’d like to share with you. When […]


Firstly, let me establish that I haven’t used Chromecast all that much—I’ve only had one for about a week, but am very much enjoying all of it’s capabilities. An example as to why most people may […]


We spend lots of hard earned money on our mobile devices. What once was kept in our pocket until we heard it ring, is now an integral part of our operation.  As much as we use […]


At last months #WWDC14 Apple announced a brand new iOS mobile programming development language called Swift.  This new language simplified the complexity of mobile app programming development.  The trend of “NEW” continued at last wee...


Google I/O The Expected Lineup The 2014 Google I/O Developers Conference is a matter days away and the rumour mill is in full swing as to what we should expect to see unveiled. As we see […]


Wearables for the Turf Industry Earlier in the year, we featured an article about the Pebble Smartwatch and what this handy little gadget meant for the industry. Several months have passed and we now have a […]


Yesterday, Tim Cook and Greg Federighi took to the stage at the Moscone Center in San Francisco to introduce the next big thing.  Touted as “If you own an Apple device, today changes everything.”  Traveling the […]

Coverage System
May 28, 2014 //

The Coverage System is a complete solution for managing your plant protectant and fertilizer programs.  This mobile application which can be accessed on any mobile device and desktop provides a complete, intuitive and powerful system.  Th...