Welcome to Turf Republic the worlds largest most diverse turfgrass community in the world. Over the last four years technology has made the biggest contribution to turfgrass industry. The impact of technology has not just been through the introduction of smartphones, tablets and mobile apps, it has played a large part in our fertility and plant protectant programs, equipment, irrigation systems and our overrall turf management.


The Turf Advisor mobile application is a complete solution to weed identification and treatment by FMC.  This provides and extensive database of both broadleaf and grassy weeds with clear photos for easy identification.  Once you have [&h...


We have love our pair of GoogleGlass.  Although, not ready to be a tool for turf mangers because of what I believe are major limitations, they are a great conversation starter.  If you have the extra […]


If you haven’t been following the news or tech sites, the recent HeartBleed Encryption Bug has been one of the most devastating bugs to come in a very long time.  Why, because it has affected countless […]


We are converting our maintenance documents over to Google Drive. If I share a sheet or doc with someone can they forward it to someone else? For example, I want to share our budget with the […]


As we have traveled the world speaking on technology integration into the turf industry, one powerful tool we often introduce is Google Drive. It’s software suite is a powerful tool for the turf industry.  There are […]


I am in the process of planning a new maintenance facility. I was wondering if you had any suggestion for installing technology; what has worked for others? What to stay away from so I am not […]


The team at iTurfApps provides solutions to make powerful and impactful communications using iMovie Have more technology questions. Use our Tech 911 to get quick and certified solutions. Check out iMovie in the iTurf Apps Market […]


The team at iTurfApps provides solutions for making presentations with Apple TV. Have more technology questions. Use our Tech 911 to get quick and certified solutions.


The team at iTurfapps provides some quick solutions to help maintain better battery life on your iPhone. Need help with other technology issues reach out on our Tech 911.


I have recently recreated my first GoPro video and have it uploaded to my YouTube channel, but after trying to view it on a mobile device, it says that because of copyrighted material I can’t view […]