Welcome to Turf Republic the worlds largest most diverse turfgrass community in the world. Over the last four years technology has made the biggest contribution to turfgrass industry. The impact of technology has not just been through the introduction of smartphones, tablets and mobile apps, it has played a large part in our fertility and plant protectant programs, equipment, irrigation systems and our overrall turf management.


Do you know of any apps, similar to Evernote, that several team members could connect in to share ideas and plan to-do lists?  Four employees on my team have iPhones. Just thinking of an easy way […]

Pebble Smartwatch
January 30, 2014 //

The Smartwatch market is a very HOT topic these days. With manufacturers like Sony, FitBit, Samsung and Martian throwing their hats in the ring. Probably, the first and most popular brand is Pebble. Pebble is the […]

GIS 2014
January 29, 2014 //

GIS 2014 is a FREE easy to use app that will be a very helpful companion for the entire GIS Show. GIS 2014 allows you to highlight vendors, reviews sessions, preview the trade show floor.  You […]


Been researching scanners and the fujitsu’s seem like the way to go.  Which model do you have/recommend?  The S1300i seems like a good middle of the road scanner.  This will probably be something I purchase myself […]

Using NeatDesk
January 23, 2014 //

What are your thoughts on NeatDesk?  I’m interested in reducing the amount of paper I have in the office, especially invoices which I like to have an accessible copy of to refer to later. I have […]


I am working with Google Drive and setting up job boards.  I setup everything on my desktop and when I access it on my iPhone 5s it does not have the drop down boxes that I […]


As you have probably concluded by now, the TEAM at iTurfApps are tech geeks.  Growing up, being called a geek didn’t carry the clout it does today.  Today, it is cool to be a geek and […]


I had the opportunity to sit in on your seminar at OTF titled “Apps to Add to Your Toolbelt”.  I thought that the class was very informative and beneficial for myself in regards to introducing more […]


I just viewed the Youtube video with both Jason and Bob on the different app’s that help with communication and proficiency. I was wondering how to obtain those barcodes that you can scan into Evernote so […]

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Featured here are several quicks tips for using your GoPro Camera to assist in branding your operation with video.  Adam will be creating several of these so check back often. Tip 1 – Think Outside the […]