Skin Cancer Awareness Month (May 2013)

As Turfgrass Managers, sun exposer is something difficult to avoid but that doesn’t mean it can’t be limited. Turf Republic’s Skin Cancer Awareness campaign will be providing you the opportunity to engage in sun protection education and information from professionals.

TURF Screen CrewTS CREW was developed to ensure the golf course maintenance staff had adequate, effective and affordable protection from UVB damage. Almost every golf course employee’s job description requires long days in the sun and with the obvious safety issues of UVB, we felt many superintendent’s would embrace making TS CREW available to their staff. Learn more at

Sun SafeTeeSafeTee is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides sun protection education and skin cancer prevention programs specifically to the golf community. Our goal is to help “golfers enjoy a lifetime of healthy golf™”. Sun SafeTee is a charity by golfers and for golfers. To learn more or to make a tax deductible donation, go to

Road to Healthy Skin Tour

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Wee One Foundation

The Wee One Foundation was developed as a tribute to Wayne to assist golf course management professionals (or their dependents) who incur overwhelming expenses due to medical hardship without comprehensive insurance or adequate financial resources. Through the Foundation's work, Wayne's legacy will never be forgotten.

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"Understanding Sunscreen"

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"Applying Sunscreen"

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"Clothing as sun protection"

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"SunSafeTee's sun protection"

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Did You Know?

SPF only refers to protection from UVB rays. You need a sunscreen that offers “Broad Spectrum” coverage or states “UVA/UVB protection”
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